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The ZeroBlockers framework helps companies maintain the speed and efficiency of small teams, even as they scale.

Processes are just a collection of best practices. But a practice is only "best" based on the context in which it is being used. The problem is that people forget the original context so processes remain long after the context has changed. Like tech debt, we need to pay down process debt periodically to ensure that we are operating in the most efficient and effective ways.

ZeroBlockers is the result of breaking down product development into the underlying principles and using the context of modern product development to uncover better ways of working that align with the types of products, and the scale of the products, that we are building today.

Team of Teams

ZeroBlockers is built around empowered teams, but to scale effectively you need more than one type of team. We have five different teams types as part of the framework.

  1. The traditional empowered team is our Stream Team. These are the people building the products.
  2. Product Teams are responsible for funding Stream Teams and providing them with the context to succeed.
  3. Internal Product Teams, like technical platforms, support the work of the Stream Teams.
  4. Enabling Teams focus on upskilling indivudals and transfering knowledge across teams.
  5. Finally we have Ecosystem Teams who manage multiple Product Teams, Internal Product Teams and Enabling Teams.

Documentation Structure

We have broken down the ZeroBlockers framework into the following sections:


An overview of the underlying principles and the structure, funding, alignment, and governance changes required.

Stream Teams

Stream Teams build the product. This section covers the practices to discover opportunities, evaluate solutions and build the product.

Product Teams

Product Teams are accountable for product success. They create and fund the Stream Teams, give them the necessary product context and then empower them to deliver.

Enabling Teams

Enabling teams are functionally aligned teams who are responsible for improving the effectiveness of stream teams through tooling, coaching and support.

Internal Product Teams

Internal Product Teams help Stream Teams to focus on the differentiating elements of the product by abstracting away common elements.

Ecosystem Teams

Enabling Teams coordinate the work of the Product, Internal Product and Enabling Teams, defining the culture and objectives to ensure that all of the teams are working in alignment.

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