Synthesising Insights

Synthesising Insights refers to the art of combining and analysing data from multiple sources to extract key themes, identify patterns, and uncover impactful opportunities for product improvement. It's the bridge between qualitative data and strategic action.


We need to ensure that the insights gathered from generative research are transformed into actionable steps that can guide product development and innovation. Synthesising insights helps to uncover hidden patterns, align team understanding and prioritise opportunities.

  • Informed Decision Making: Provides a solid foundation for making evidence-based product decisions.
  • Customer-Centric Focus: Ensures product development aligns with actual user needs and pain points.
  • Efficiency in Ideation: Streamlines the process of identifying and prioritising opportunities for innovation.


Industry Context

Research can generate a lot of raw data, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. For research to be effective, it is essential to synthesise the data into actionable insights that can guide product decisions.

ZeroBlockers Context

In ZeroBlockers, research is happening continuously so there is no separate research analysis phase. Instead, the insights are synthesised as they are gathered and used to inform the product development process.

ZeroBlockers Practices

Mapping Customer JourneysVisualising the user's experience throughout their interaction with your product.
  • Identifies pain points, opportunities, and areas for improvement.
  • Fosters empathy and understanding of the user journey.
Identifying Jobs to Be DoneSynthesising insights into the user's objectives and motivations.
  • Provides a clear framework for understanding user needs.
  • Helps to align product features with user goals.
Creating Opportunity Solution TreesMapping insights to identified opportunities and potential solutions.
  • Encourages systematic exploration of solutions.
  • Clearly links insights to actionable opportunities.

Other Practices

FormatDescriptionZeroBlockers Opinion
Developing PersonasCreating fictional representations of target user groups based on insights.Personas are often too closely aligned with demographics and stereotypes. We prefer Jobs to be Done over Personas for synthesising insights because it focuses on the user's objectives and motivations, which can be more actionable.
Mind MappingVisually connect ideas and explore relationships between data points.The consistent structure of the Opportunity Solution Tree is more suited to the communication of insights and opportunities.
Creating Affinity DiagramsA tool used to organise data and ideas into clusters of themes for analysis.The consistent structure of the Opportunity Solution Tree is more suited to the communication of insights and opportunities.


  • Data Hoarding: Collecting but not actively analysing or applying insights from the data.
  • Confirmation Bias: Selecting data that supports preconceived notions while ignoring contradictory evidence.
  • Analysis Paralysis: Over-analysing data to the point where decision-making is delayed.
  • Siloed Synthesis: Conducting synthesis in isolation without involving cross-functional team members, leading to missed perspectives and insights.

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