Identifying Skill Gaps

Identifying Skill Gaps involves assessing the current skills of Stream Team members and comparing them to the skills required to meet the organisation’s goals and objectives. This process helps in pinpointing areas where training or new hires are necessary.


The main purpose is to ensure that all team members possess the necessary skills to contribute effectively to their projects and to identify where additional training or resources are needed.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Ensures team members have the skills required to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Improved Product Quality: Closes skill gaps that can lead to better product development outcomes.
  • Future-Proofing: Prepares the team for future challenges and technological advancements.


Industry Context

Everyone has areas that they can improve upon. In the technology industry, where skills are constantly evolving, identifying skill gaps is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring that teams can adapt to new challenges.

ZeroBlockers Context

Because people are distributed around in Stream Teams, it is essential to actively identify and address skill gaps to ensure that each team has the necessary capabilities to deliver high-quality products.


Regular Check-insObserve team members in their work environment to assess skills in action.Provides accurate, real-time assessment of skills without self-reporting bias.
Skills Gap AnalysisAssessing current workforce skills against future needs to identify gaps.Ensures targeted talent development and acquisition strategies.


  • Infrequent Evaluation: Skill gaps can widen if not assessed regularly.
  • Over-reliance on Self-reporting: Members may not accurately judge or report their own skill levels.
  • Ignoring Soft Skills: Focusing solely on technical skills and ignoring communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Case Studies

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Establishing Capability Standards
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