Product Teams

Product Teams are responsible for the complete lifecycle of a product, from strategy formulation to execution, aiming to meet defined business objectives.


The purpose of product teams is to organise and manage the creation and maintenance of products that achieve the goals and objectives of the ecosystem.


Industry Context

The purpose of a company is to create a customer. Product Teams are responsible for building products that solve customer problems and meet their needs. Therefore the Product Teams are central to the ecosystem structure and a core part of the ecosystem's value delivery.

ZeroBlockers Context

The Product Team is one of the five core team types in the ZeroBlockers framework. They define the vision and strategy for their products and then design, recruit and manage the Stream Teams that will design and build the product.


Funding ProductsIdentifying and funding the core products that will be developed and maintained.Ensures all critical roles are filled and responsibilities are clear.
Reviewing Product FundingRegular reviews of funding allocations to align with changing market conditions.Maintains alignment of product strategy with market realities.


  • Underfunded Products: Not allocating sufficient resources to product development, leading to poor quality and slow progress.
  • Irregular Reviews: Not regularly reviewing product funding and team structure, leading to misalignment with market conditions.

Case Studies

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