Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into an organisation, familiarising them with the company culture, their role, team, and the tools and processes they will use. It's a critical step in ensuring new hires are productive and engaged from the outset.


The purpose of onboarding is to effectively transition new hires into their roles, ensuring they understand their responsibilities, the company's expectations, and how they fit into the broader organisational goals.

  • Enhances Productivity: Accelerates the time it takes for new hires to become productive members of the team.
  • Improves Retention Rates: A well-structured onboarding process increases employee satisfaction and reduces turnover.
  • Promotes Company Culture: Helps new employees understand and integrate into the company culture.


Industry Context

The average tenure of employees in the tech industry is relatively short, with many professionals changing jobs every 2 years. Given the short average tenure, effective onboarding is essential to ensure new hires can quickly contribute to their teams and projects.

ZeroBlockers Context

There are different expectations for team members in ZeroBlockers compared to traditional organisations. The onboarding process should be tailored to highlight the differences particularly focusing on the ownership of the outcomes which means that there is an expectation for people to be involved from ideas to satisfied customers. Onboarding is therefore even more critical to ensure that new team members understand the expectations and can quickly contribute to the team.


Pre-boardingProviding new hires with information and resources before their start date.Helps new employees feel prepared and excited for their first day.
Structured Onboarding ProgramA planned series of activities and milestones for new hires during their first months.Provides a clear path to productivity and engagement.
Peer Mentor ProgramPairing new employees with experienced team members for guidance and support.Facilitates learning and integration into the company culture.
One-on-One MeetingsScheduled meetings between new hires and their managers to discuss progress and address concerns.Offers ongoing support and feedback for continuous improvement.


  • Lack of Structure: An onboarding process that is unorganised and lacks clear objectives and milestones.
  • Neglecting Company Culture: Failing to introduce new hires to the company culture and values, which are crucial for long-term integration.
  • Skipping Feedback Opportunities: Not providing mechanisms for new hires to give feedback on their onboarding experience, missing out on opportunities to improve the process.

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