Reviewing Stream Teams

Reviewing stream teams involves the periodic assessment of each team's scope, performance metrics, and allocated funding.


The purpose of the review is to ensure that each team is effectively contributing to the product's strategic objectives, operating efficiently, and is properly resourced.

  • Strategic Alignment: Ensures team efforts are consistently aligned with the broader organisational goals.
  • Resource Optimisation: Facilitates optimal allocation of resources to maximise value delivery.
  • Agility: Enhances the organisation's ability to respond to changes in the market or within the team itself.
  • Performance Improvement: Identifies areas for improvement in team performance and value delivery.


Industry Context

Business and customer needs change over time. Companies need to shift their focus and resources to adapt to these changes. Regular reviews of stream teams help organisations stay agile and responsive to evolving market conditions.

ZeroBlockers Context

Stream Teams are empowered to deliver on the outcomes defined by the Product Team. Sometimes those outcomes change, or the team's performance may not be meeting expectations. Regular reviews help ensure that the teams are aligned with the current strategic objectives and are operating effectively.


Weekly Product ReviewAssessing each team's performance against predefined metrics to gauge effectiveness and alignment with objectives.Ensures continuous alignment and facilitates targeted improvements.
Metrics ReviewEvaluating the performance metrics of each stream team to assess their impact and effectiveness.Validate whether the identified Stream Team metrics are having the desired impact and driving the right behaviours.
Scope and Funding AssessmentEvaluating the current scope and funding of each stream team to ensure they are in line with strategic goals.Allows for realignment of team focus as business needs evolve.
Resource Allocation ReviewReassessing the resources and funding allocated to each team to ensure they are optimally supporting strategic priorities.Ensures resources are being used efficiently and adjust allocations to meet changing needs.


  • Overemphasis on Metrics: Relying too heavily on quantitative metrics without considering qualitative feedback and market context.
  • Siloed Reviews: Conducting reviews in isolation without considering the interdependencies and synergies between different stream teams.

Case Studies

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