Offboarding is the structured process through which an organisation transitions an employee out of the company. It encompasses all the steps necessary to ensure a smooth and respectful departure, including the transfer of knowledge, completion of exit formalities, and addressing post-employment considerations.


The purpose of offboarding is to ensure a positive and professional end to the employment relationship, safeguard the company's assets and information, and maintain a positive alumni network.

  • Maintains Relationships: Leaves departing employees with a positive view of the company, fostering a good alumni network.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of crucial information to other team members, ensuring continuity of operations.
  • Gather Valuable Feedback: Conduct exit interviews to gather feedback on the team culture, working practices, and areas for improvement.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensures that all company assets are returned, access is revoked, and legal requirements are met.


Industry Context

15% of employees have 'boomeranged' back to a former employer, highlighting the importance of maintaining positive relationships during offboarding. But there is also the security risk side of offboarding, with 25% of businesses experiencing data breaches due to an ex-employee.

ZeroBlockers Context

ZeroBlockers is all about empowering people. Your past employees are your best brand ambassadors. By ensuring a positive offboarding experience, you can maintain a strong alumni network that can benefit the company in various ways, from referrals to rehires.


Knowledge Transfer SessionsOrganising meetings or sessions for departing employees to transfer critical knowledge to their successors or team members.Ensures continuity of work and retention of critical information.
Exit InterviewsConducting interviews with departing employees to gather feedback on their experience.Provides insights for organisational improvement and employee retention strategies.
Farewell & RecognitionOrganise a team farewell activity to acknowledge the departing member's contributions and maintain positive relationships.Fosters team morale and goodwill.
System Access RevocationDeactivate the departing member's access to accounts, systems, and company resources.Improves security and prevents unauthorised access.


  • Lack of Formal Process: Not having a structured offboarding process, leading to information loss and security risks.
  • Neglecting Feedback: Not capturing or disregarding feedback from departing employees, missing opportunities for improvement.

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