Evangelising the Product

Evangelising the Product refers to the activities undertaken to promote and raise awareness about a product’s value propositions both within and outside the organisation. It's about championing the product to ensure all stakeholders understand its benefits, features, and potential impact.


The purpose of product evangelism is to create champions for the product, generate excitement, and ensure alignment across teams and with potential users or customers.

  • Increases product visibility and user adoption.
  • Ensures internal alignment on the product’s vision and goals.
  • Facilitates feedback collection from various stakeholders, informing future development.


Industry Context

"If you build it they will come". This is a common misconception in product development. In reality, even the best products need to be marketed and promoted to reach their intended audience. Product evangelism is a critical part of the product development process, ensuring that the product is well understood and appreciated by all stakeholders.

ZeroBlockers Context

With decentralised teams, internal motivation and alignment are critical to the success of the product. Product evangelism helps to ensure that all of the Stream teams are aligned on the product vision and goals, and are motivated to contribute to its success.


Delivering Product DemosShowcasing new features or the product to internal teams and external stakeholders.Builds enthusiasm and provides direct feedback opportunities.
Content marketingCreate blog posts, articles, and case studies that highlight the product's value.Reaches a wider audience and establishes thought leadership.
Social media engagementPromote the product and engage with users on social media platforms.Builds a community and increases brand awareness.
Gathering Customer TestimonialsSourcing stories and feedback from satisfied customers or users.Highlights real-world value and encourages adoption.


  • Under-communicating: Failing to regularly update and engage with key stakeholders about the product’s progress and successes.
  • Feature Pushing: Overemphasising new features without connecting them to real user needs and benefits.
  • Unrealistic product claims: Overpromising and underdelivering damages trust and credibility.
  • Lack of clear target audience: Tailoring the message to the right audience is critical for effective evangelism.

Case Studies

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