Planning the Workforce

Workforce planning is the systematic process of analysing an organisation's future workforce needs and determining the necessary actions to meet those needs. It involves forecasting talent requirements, identifying skill gaps, and implementing strategies to attract, develop, and retain talent effectively.


The purpose of workforce planning is to ensure that the organisation has the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time to achieve its strategic goals.


Industry Context

The constraining factor for many organisations is not the availability of work but the availability of skilled workers. Workforce planning is essential to address the talent shortage and ensure that the organisation has the necessary skills to remain competitive.

ZeroBlockers Context

Based on the strategic priorities and how they shift over time there will be a need to adjust the workforce composition. Workforce planning is critical to ensure that the right skills are available when needed and that the team is prepared for future challenges.


Skills Gap AnalysisAssessing current workforce skills against future needs to identify gaps.Ensures targeted talent development and acquisition strategies.
Future Product PlanningAligning workforce planning with product roadmaps to ensure the availability of necessary skills.Supports strategic product development and innovation.
Succession PlanningIdentifying and developing internal candidates for key leadership positions.Ensures continuity and reduces risk in critical roles.


  • Over-specialisation: Relying too heavily on niche skills that limit flexibility and adaptability.
  • Neglecting Employee Development: Failing to invest in training and development to close skill gaps.

Case Studies

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